Is Online Training an Effective Alternative for Your Company?

23 Sep

Online training courses have become a very practical alternative for many companies. Numerous organizations prefer it to live classes; however, it is important that you analyze if it is the right choice for your business.

Below is a list of 4 things you must think about before deciding to offer an elearning program to your staff:

  1. Detect the areas where training is most needed

In order to effectively browse through online corporate training programs you have to know what your business needs.

Do you need your people to learn about office safety? Sharpen their negotiation skills? Learn about sexual harassment?

While some topics, like the above, may be perfect for online training, others may require another method or approach.

Online classes are great for learning about desktop applications, IT concepts, and business skills, among many others.

  1. Establish goals and results

Once you know which areas need training, establish goals and results. You have to know what you want your staff to learn.

Do they have to sharpen their phone negotiation skills, or is it face-to-face negotiation the key?

Make a list of your goals and results, make them quantifiable, and use it to search for the right online training course.

  1. Assess online training suppliers

When you start searching the Internet, you will find numerous suppliers of training courses. Many companies offer free demos to help you understand how a specific e-learning course works and how it can help you.

Take your time to study your options, and contact the suppliers to learn a bit more about their offerings. Some focus on specific topics while others manage a broader spectrum; what you want to make sure is that the course is high quality and that the delivery options work for you and your established goals.

  1. Think about customizing your online course

Some online training suppliers give you the option of customizing courses. This could be a great alternative if your company has developed systems or procedures in-house.

Let’s say your business has created its own system for recycling leftover chemicals from soap production, or that it has designed a new method for assembling a particular engine part… you need your staff to learn about it in an easy an effective way, but you won’t find an online course on the subject. Nevertheless, you can create one!

Actually, you may discover that a blend of already created courses and some custom ones may be what your company needs!


Mark Doyle is a freelance writer who loves elearning courses.


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4 responses to “Is Online Training an Effective Alternative for Your Company?

  1. startupobserve

    September 24, 2011 at 9:41 am

    The online training is excellent for the process training, methodology courses or compliance. It is good for cases, when everyone has to follow the same procedure. The managerial online courses usually do not work; they have to be interactive and people have to learn in group.


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