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Life Lessons from a Personal Assistant

No matter what your position in the company you work for, there is always a lot you can learn from a personal assistant. Their roles put them in the thick of most functions of any company without making them full participants and this allows them a unique perspective on all operations most employees will never see; they are able to observe more than most would. There are courses for a personal assistant to learn the tips and tricks of the trade but most of the more efficient and effective tricks will only be picked up naturally over the course of a career. Let’s look at some nuggets of wisdom that go with the job description of personal assistant but that anyone can use themselves to better their career.

Create a Personal System

The first thing a personal assistant will do for their duties is create a system or routine that they cover every morning in their responsibilities. It usually includes checking e-mails, menial daily chores, any responsibility they might have to undertake daily gets filed into a system of operation for a personal assistant. Regardless of salary or position, each of us undertakes to complete some daily task in our careers and creating a system for ourselves and sticking to it creates routine which in turn makes us more efficient from day to day.

Write it All Down

Having good handwriting is one of the qualifications essential to being a good personal assistant because they find themselves writing virtually everything down. This is a good philosophy for anyone in any position to follow; the information age is so drowned in information that not writing down the important notes threatens to see that information become background noise we cannot grasp. If you get an idea brilliant enough to never forget, ignore your instinct and write it down; same for dates, meetings and telephone numbers.

Finish Tasks Once

One amazing thing personal assistants learn in their careers is the work ethic of only ever having to go over something once. By that, it means a system that has been tried and tested is extensively used by most personal assistants and that is only ever looking at a document once. You see a bill, you observe it, address it and then file it but never half-half it by looking at it, putting it down and coming back to it later; you open yourself up to losing it and never addressing it at all later on. We can apply this to any task in our lives to make it easier; pack those groceries away immediately, do the dishes as soon as they need to be done or hang up your laundry immediately after a wash – these examples make life easier. A personal assistant is someone we can all learn a lot from to make life easier, after all their perspective is one of both observer and participant.

Eugene Calvini is a writer who has been involved in a Singapore serviced office among others around the world his entire career; he enjoys sharing tips and tricks he has picked up over the course of his career.


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What Virtual Office Space Can do for Your Business

When starting a company, managing office space can be a challenge. However, with a virtual office, you can present a professional image without the expense of renting office space or the hassle of managing the space. Virtual office space provides a company with the illusion of a regular office for customers and vendors while allowing you the freedom of working from home.

Present a Professional Image

For many people who work from home, it can be challenging to have customers call on the home telephone to hear children talking in the background or the television blaring. A virtual office provides you with the ability to present a professional image to your customers and other business contacts you may need to community with regularly.

Many virtual offices often include professional voice mail or someone who answers telephone calls for you, a fax number and virtual office computer applications. Professional voice mail alone can create a professional image of someone who is a serious business person, running a legitimate business. Virtual office computer applications provide you with the ability to send and receive business communications in a confidential environment.

Hire Remote Staff

A virtual office can provide you with the ability to hire remote staff to assist you with running your business. Remote staff is a method of outsourcing business functions without the need to have them in an actual office. By outsourcing staff, you can save money and still have a professional and experienced staff of assistants to help you with many tasks. This allows you to work more efficiently and dedicate your energy to other aspects of your business, such as marketing, developing products or other activities.

Remote staff can perform a wide variety of functions, including administrative support, scheduling, sales calls, telemarketing, writing routine correspondence and writing followup emails. A virtual office provides you with the ability to route telephone calls to the appropriate person, even if they are not geographically located where you are at the moment. Your staff can also work from home, saving you money on office equipment and renting office space, along with other expenses.

Reduce Expenses

Maintaining an office is an expensive proposition, particularly in the early phase of a business. Office expenses can include more than just rent. It also includes utilities, office equipment, office supplies, staff and other related costs.

A virtual office allows you the ability to avoid most of the costs related to running an office, yet still provides you with the ability to present a professional image to the public. Generally, a virtual office is relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of running a traditional office space. A virtual office is available around the clock, which can make it possible to market your company globally and have people from around the world contact you no matter what time it is.

A virtual office provides you with the ability to create a professional business without the related expenses. For many people, working from home gives them the freedom to work on their own schedule. However, presenting a professional business image creates legitimacy for your business. When compared to the expense of running a traditional office, a virtual office can save you money, even as you expand your business staff.

Lisa is a successful Entrepreneur from Brisbane, Australia. She has used virtual office services in many of her startup projects to give them a professional appearance in their early stages. When she has some spare time, Lisa like to go to the beach and go shopping with her friends.


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Public Speaking Tips For An Influential And Motivating Speech

Public speaking is an important aspect of your business and even if you hate standing in front of people and speaking, you should become proficient in public speaking. You are your most important brand and are the face of your business. Successful public speaking will increase your visibility, will generate leads for you and will express your knowledge in your business offering and sphere.

Successful public speaking tips

Public speaking should influence, motivate and activate an audience. Your public speaking speech should be memorable and should leave the audience enticed and energized. There are certain public speaking tips that will motivate and if followed, you will be able to overcome your fear of public speaking and will assist you in giving an unforgettable public speaking speech.

Public speaking tips and training

Experience breeds confidence and your public speaking speech should represent you. Expressing your experiences on a personal level with your audience with only make you connect further with them and they will perceive you as more credible.

  • The importance of the message

In great public speaking tips regarding fear, you should keep your attention on the message of the speech and not the process of actually talking. This will help lower anxiety and keep you focused.

  • Don’t apologize

If you have made an error or mistake don’t publically apologized, the audience may not have even noticed it and you are just drawing attention to the error.

  • The power of the people

Your audience has invested time in hearing your public speaking speech and want to be inspired and motivated by you. Remembering this will help with anxiety and fear you may have.

  • Visualization is key

An important point in public speaking training and practicing, when getting ready to deliver your speech, it is recommended to visualize yourself on the actual day; totally in the same surroundings, the same clothes and with your public speaking speech in hand.

  • Relax

Although you may think that this is easier said than done when giving your public speech, try and relax. Start off your speech by acquainting yourself with the audience and getting settled in front of all of the people waiting for your inspiring speech.

  • Acclimatize yourself to the surroundings

It’s recommended to know the room or environment in which you will be performing your speech. Evaluate where you need to look to cover the entire audience and become similar with any visual additions you may be using.

Know the people you are speaking to. This is vital in public speaking training. You will know what jokes they may enjoy and what the tone of your speech should be. You could also greet some as they arrive to acquaint yourself better with them.

  • Practice makes perfect

Practicing your public speaking speech will only benefit you while up on the stage. Be knowledgeable about what you are talking about as it is easier to discuss something you know a lot about than something you don’t.

Jemma Scott is an avid writer of business developments and tips. Her interest stems from her time in office space in London as well as serviced offices Singapore.


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