Clone yourself…

24 Jun

Question:  With so many communities and marketplaces cropping up, how does one build or maintain one’s reputation across those marketplaces?

Partial answer:  Clone one’s self.  The real “secret” to this marketplace is an old one.  Sweat equity.   In my own endeavors I have built 200+ contacts in both FB and LinkedIn.  Started my blog, joined 25 groups and am listening to podcasts in my car.  Start your own blog and cut and paste your  link with every comment you leave on someone else’s.  The simple answer is that we need to be everyplace at once.  There are a few out there that seem to be able to handle this.  One to watch is Jay Berkowitz.  This is a great guy to follow.   Believe me, he is an octopus.  He gives free webinars, podcasts, blogs, You-Tube video, is teaching my Masters program @ USF, on the speakers tour, he’s on FB, Twitter, …

I can’t keep up with it all, but I guess it’s possible if you don’t sleep!


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