Push or pull?

06 Jul

More flags, more fun.

Be careful what you pray for, you might get it.  We all wanted to take the ads off tv, so we invented TiVo and Comcast cable and poof, we can now fast forward through anything and get back to the  program.  Well where did all the ads go?  They didn’t go away, that’s for sure.  I just visited a “theme” park in Vallejo with my kids and some other family members.  Hadn’t been there for years.  Didn’t realize what a perfect venue it has become for saturation advertising.

I thought we had seen everything when Candlestick Park became Monster Park at candlestick point and the Cotton Bowl became the Tostitos first quarter followed by the Victoria Secret second half.  Oh no.  This was the tip of the iceberg.  We now have the Hawaiian Airlines dolphin show (after we have shelled out $40 to get in and $15 to park) and the Johnny Rockets chicken parts stand at the front gate. 

“Marketing takeaway”  Since we have a captive audience we have installed 700 speakers and 150 big screen monitors throughout the park (including in the toilets) so there is literally no place you can go to hide from my message.  And the message targeting?  Not what I would have thought.  It’s not aimed just at the throngs of teens that ooze through the turnstiles like buttermilk through a cheesecloth, oh no!  We have ads for television shows, land rovers, and Hawaiian vacations.  By the way, if you take one of those vacations you might just find a TV monitor barking marketing propaganda at you while you wait in line.

Push marketing is not limited to pop-ups on mobile phones.  The question I pose is one of balance:  How much push can the marketplace take before it starts to push back?


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