Take care of yourself

14 Jul

I finally completed my masters program in internet marketing from USF.  I still find myself waking @ 7:00 with a skull full of ideas; raging to my keyboard and looking up at 9:30 realizing that I haven’t had a cup of coffee or put anything in my stomach except water.  It’s no wonder I feel dizzy, loosing concentration, and tired again.  If I’m going to work at home I need to take care of myself.

I know its seems like a mom thing, that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” but that isn’t all of it.  I used to take the time to wake with a cup of coffee, read something inspirational or meditative, and ease into my day.  This routine usually included a long power walk at lunch and some definite downtime after work.

Working at home can be a great thing, but I had more time for myself when I had a half hour commute each way.  The drive time forced me to listen to a podcast, or radio show or something not marketing related.  Now I can interact, tweet, FB, and work almost 24/7 (and 6 days a week) and there is always someone online to talk to.  Take the time to reset or it becomes one frightening blur of search algorithms and keywords.


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