Get out of your own way

02 Aug

Our 88-year-old gardener recently retired after being with my family for as long as I can remember.  The yard around my Triplex isn’t huge, so I never bothered to replace him.  I figured the gardening is a bit of exercise and lots of therapy so I’d take it on myself.  I got the lawns mowed and trimmed early in the week and blew off the sidewalks quickly into the gutters, figuring that I would finish the job this weekend. 

All that remains is to blow out the gutters and pick up the pile. Only problem was that on Sat. morning there was a car parked right in the spot I use to assemble the leaves to pick them up.  It is possible to work around it, but not preferable.  I’ll wait.  Sat. afternoon arrives and same deal, the car is still there.  Sunday morning, same car.  This is getting on my nerves by Sunday afternoon so I started complaining to my wife. Being the straightforward oracle that she is, she just looked up me and said words I shall not soon forget:  “Why don’t you just move your car?”


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