The worth of a treasure

06 Aug


We’ve all had a favorite.  It might be the first love, first car, best employee… whatever.  The question eventually arises, when to let go.  I went to Germany in 1985 and purchased a mint condition BMW from a lot in Frankfurt.  After all the mêlée involved in getting my “baby” back to the states and made legal I was hooked.  After having several company cars and storing the Beemer in the garage for years it was still in Bristol condition, except for the accessories.  Sun roof handle broke off, muffler rattles, dashboard starts to crack, etc..  There came a time when I had to admit that I was prizing my memories more than being present with what was.

In any entrepreneurial environment we have “champions” who have been with us from the start that we consider invaluable.  It’s a hard thing to know when they have outlived their service and need to be replaced.

The person that bought my “baby” ended up smashing it beyond recognition before paying me the balance of what was owed.  I have also seen out-dated employees “rule the roost” to the demise of their benefactors.

What has your experience been?


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