If you want photos of horses without saddles, don’t just Google “bareback.”

12 Aug

I am a simple, if not entirely old-fashioned man.  My father grew up on a cattle ranch in Montana.  These two facts may seem irrelevant to our friends at Google, but I kind of feel like part of me got lost somewhere in the world of twisted meanings.  Maybe the medium is getting to be the message again.

I was doing some photo shopping for a client and wanted a photo of a horse to plop a (fully clothed thank you) photo of my friend on the horse.  Let’s just say that on the first page in Google Images (hate the new format with all the click-throughs) there were fewer horses than anything else.  It’s not just that some of the images were slightly offensive, which they were, it’s just that everything on the net is becoming so bloody commercialized you have to go through a mountain of crap to get any content.  I would have been better off going to Web-shots.  The Google search-thought police will probably drop me from their engine for this, but this afternoon I couldn’t care less.


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