It’s the end of the “job” as we know it…

17 Aug

…and I feel fine. I just emailed an outline of what I consider my “marketing universe” to a new friend. He responded with “taking a quick look, it seems almost impossible that one person would be skilled or knowledgeable enough to be good or effective at all of them (the channels).” The fact is that even massive corporations have trouble covering all the bases at all, let alone well. Traditional marketers don’t mix well with internet marketers, and the communication is almost non-existent. Hence the evolution of Integrated marketing: Instead of a “job” and a staff, I envision a “manager” coordinating a vast stable of contributors, whether free-lance contractors, associates, or whatever you want to call them, and matching their skills and efforts to a series of concurrent projects. The sporadic nature of the marketing demands and projects leads itself to a more fluid structure. Not so good news for the 40 hour a week employee, but probably more realistic for the worker bees that are struggling to bill 1000 hours a year and still afford their own health care.


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