Things are often not what they seem

25 Aug

I had a hard day today: several “planning” meetings trying to re-vamp our training curriculum, methods, and infrastructure. I needed a psychological break. Among my diversions is being the “go to” guy for our little rock band: CRASHING DEATH RUN, a modest outlet for the aggressions of an “integreated” social marketer. After some set list manipulation, I sought to escape the heat and grabbed my watering implements (one doesn’t dare say hose) and spent several glorious moments outside in the 85’ twilight. Upon my return to the workstation, I was faced with a screen displaying the second and third set list for an upcoming gig. I searched for the X in the top right corner to dis this screen and move on to my e-mails. Nothing happened. I began frantically clicking everywhere I could think of, including several Cntrl-Alt-Del strokes, and still, nothing! As my silent curses were developing to a deafening crescendo I had the urge to get physical with the screen. It was a good thing, because I found that I had printed out the set list, and set it in front of my LCD, and that the light emanating though it had made it seem like it was on the screen instead of in front of it. I removed the paper and continued on my journey to check e-mail, slightly daunted by the experience and eminently more humble. Things are often not what they seem.


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