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Essential first steps for any company

I hate to say it, because I dug my heals in pretty deep on this one, but you must have a twitter account. Make yourself a nice homepage and profile that says something about your business and get active. Now do the same at Facebook. Repeat again for LinkedIn; only really spend some time on your profile and experience pages. This is your virtual resume, interview, recommendations, and cover letter for all your customers. The next step is a  website with a blog page on it. Link these platforms together so you don’t have to do so much cut-and-paste and you can begin generating content on your passion. It really builds momentum when you start getting some positive feedback. I look forward to my Saturday morning writing sessions now, and am getting a modest following. It takes time to build a brand, but in the end the people you surround yourself with are far more loyal than the respondents you would get (if any today) to an e-mail blast.


Where to start if you’re all alone

There are a few things that a “sole proprietor” kind of start-up can do to prove themselves in the new marketplace.  The 1900’s “push” marketing is quickly giving way to “pull” or inbound marketing.  Companies are better served to work on ways to allow their customers to find them, and not going out looking.  This means generating lots of content, paying it forward, and exposing yourselves in the social media.  As my mentor Jay Berkowitz has drilled into us, “go out and help someone, and when you’re done, help somebody else.”  People react to your solving their problems for them.  They tell their friends.  They suggest you, and eventually are even willing to pay you!  There are a few first steps that I think are essential for every mom and pop start-up.  Most of them are free or of inconsequential cost.  I’ll outline some in the next blog.


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