Submission – We like to do things the “BigCO that starts with O” way

06 Oct

A group on LinkedIn posted the following question. I had to answer for a couple of “contractor” friends of mine. Some day there will be real jobs again, and the pendulum might just knock out some of the companies that took advantage of the recession.

In one word, what would you like to show/teach to a new employee on his first day of work with you? Submission – We like to do things the “BigCO that starts with O” way. First we give you impossible tasks and no resources. Then, oh by the way you have to figure out how to get your laptop from purchasing. There are forms to fill out, and you probably won’t qualify because your manager has entered the wrong job classification on your contract. That brings us to the contract itself. You will be paid for 40 hours, but nobody will notice if you happen to have worked those hours by noon Thursday, and you put in another 20 over the weekend. It’s still a buyer’s market out there, and we want to store up as much bad Karma as we can just in case things really turn around and we actually have to hire people and give them benefits again!


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