Social Media Workshop

13 Oct

Posted by: “Ethan”

Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:45 pm (PDT)

How I used Twitter the afternoon after the workshop.

Just an approach. You all will do different things. My interests and the way each of you use social media is different than everybody else.

On one of my list of ÒfollowedÓ I came across this: I want the charts for it so I went looking for the presenter. I found this in about 1 minute: It took 8 minutes or so to watch. He talks about exactly what the workshop was about: Òwhat is social, and why does it really matter in a hard economic sense.Ó

In the meantime I have started following a big communications/telecom conference and have volunteered to work on it and am now registered as an attendee. It costs me three full days of labor at the event to attend each day of the conference. Cheap?

Because of that a company named supertalent with the Twitter handle
@gosupertalent started following my Twitter stream. (I also got a follow from the Green conference in SF, but they dropped off.)

I also made a tweet for the two links above: @shooteyeout on Twitter.

Now the company that is following me sees that I have ÒhopefullyÓ interesting and serious tweets about economics and team building and privacy etc. I can follow them and go look them up at the conference when I am there.

I do not know where that goes. But, it connects me to others, other companies, advertises my brand. It helps me understand what people who think deeply about the Web, and social networks, and economics, and the modern definition of ÒworkÓ and ÒIndustrial,Ó are thinking about so that I am more knowledgable and more current.

I can thank Steve U and Carla for the first social media workshop a couple of weeks ago to get me to try all this and start to figure out what it means.

Thanks Guys!!


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