Merry Freeking Christmas on Capitol Hill, or Two Families of Four in a Winnebago…

10 Dec

 I’m not saying what kind of job the Democrat majority did trying to get along with the Party of No, but the outcome is surely messed up.  Now we have both parties agreeing that there is no solution to the unemployment benefit extensions.  Great.
I teach Social Media to a group of professionals in Silicon Valley who are going through “career transition.”  It is called ProMatch.  These are highly educated people who are working their asses off to try and better themselves.  They go to business meetings twice a week.  They attend several career enhancement workshops a month. They attend networking functions weekly and reach out through their profiles and tweets and links.

They are also at the end of their ropes.   There are only so many “great jobs” selling kitchen appliances at Orchard Supply.  I implore you to forward this to your Congress Persons. We all need to step up to the plate.  Let’s use the grass roots power of we the people to spread this message. It got Obama elected.  Tweet it, Face Book it, Digg it, Make it Delicious and for god’s sake lets all stay LinkedIn.  This crap has got to stop.

Steve Ulrich


This is from last May,  It seemed bleak then.


I am no different from millions of Americans. I have several college degrees. I have saved human lives, educated children, and given freely to charity. I was let go from my place of employment due to the economic problems in the country, and through no fault of my own, a little over two years ago. Many of the unemployed are highly educated and are told over and over and over that we are way too qualified to do the jobs for which we apply. We do not care, we just want a job!

Now our unemployment extensions are ending and we will have no money coming in at all. Most of us have sold everything we had owned of any value and have gone through all of our savings trying to get any job at all, while keeping our heads just barely above water. This means that by April 15th there will be over ONE MILLION unemployed and uncompensated people in the state of New Jersey alone! We will be losing our homes and being evicted if we are renting. I have been making phone calls to State Senators, State Government, U.S. Senators and the Federal Government, through The White House comment line, as well as emailing through The White House website. There needs to be a Tier 5 legislation addressed immediately before millions upon millions of people receive their last Tier 4 check and have absolutely nothing on which to live through no fault of their own.


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