Create or find something you love, and share it!

28 Dec

This is the season that reminds us of our blessings;  family, friends, health if we have it, jobs, talents, and in general associations.  It is who we know and interact with that defines in large part who and what we are.

I come from a small-ish family but have married into a huge one.  Through my business contacts and organizations to whom I belong my network has extended tremendously.  Through social media and the networks they offer my personal and professional network  is now virtually infinite.

Networks and groups on Linked-In, Face-book, Twitter, Digg, YouTube, Stumbleupon, and WordPress now occupy a huge chunk of my time and social experience.  These are not just educational or professional affiliations (though many of them started out that way) but many are becoming dear friends that I intend to maintain for the rest of my life.

It may have started out as a way to advance professionally, but it has turned out that Seth Godin was right about tribes.  All it takes is some initiative to get an idea rolling and somebody else will enjoy it.  Be that someone.  If you can’t create something on your own, just find something really cool and share it.

This may be a bit dated, because I was out-of-town, but here is my “holiday” offering.  If you have good speakers on your system turn them up!  Happy Holidays!


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