When Is a Work Day Like Walking a Dog?

11 May

Aglow from yesterdays experience of actually having a client do everything we asked of him, therefore achieving a number one page ranking,  I decided to give myself a treat at lunch today.  It seemed like a beautiful enough day. After the morning fog lifted we were going to have another splendid California spring day,  so I decided to go up to my old house where the ex-wife still lives with her boyfriend,  and my dog.  The dog’s name is Oakley, and we have been going down to a little neighborhood park every week or so when it is nice out.  Usually this happens without incident.  Today was not such a day.  This is the actual IM account that transpired between myself and my wife.  It seemed that it might provide some mild ammusment.

Me:  the first thing she did was crap in front of Murphy’s house (old retired fireman and an arsehole, but she loves crapping there) and I didn’t have a bag.

I ran up the hill to find one, couldn’t, had to borrow bag from Murphy’s wife who was staring out the window to see what I was going to do about the 2 feet of shite on her sidewalk. very embarrassing.  While i was picking up crap, dog ran off. had to run up hill and get car to find dog

My wife: oh lord

Me:  dog was halfway up canyon, under some kind little girls car, thought she had been hit.  girl had just stopped to help

took dog to park, there were two families there, dog immediately ran up and scared the shite out of little girl

dog back in car (The vintage Audi TT for which I know I am going to catch hell) and taken home.  nice try for a mellow walk in park.  should have stayed at work.

need a shot of tequila


2 responses to “When Is a Work Day Like Walking a Dog?

  1. Wendy Davis

    May 11, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    Oh Steve. That was funny. And very naughty of you to take the bug lug in the “good” car. I hope you know who doesn’t read this, or see the tail tell dog hair all over the car.


      May 11, 2011 at 5:52 pm

      That was the conversation between me, and she. Thankfully there wasn’t much shedding at this time of year 🙂


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