Boost (Small Business) Sales in Several Ways

12 May

The only way for a small business to continue thriving is if it its products keep on selling. But with consumer spending at a low and competition becoming even stiffer, there is a need for small businesses to review their marketing campaigns to ensure that sales continue to pick up. There are seven simple ways to do just that.

1. Feedback
In order to set your business apart from the rest, you must listen and get to know better your customers. Don’t just be contented by knowing the usual goods and services that they purchase but also why they choose these items. Most importantly, know why they choose to purchase from you. Knowing this information will allow you to maintain the measures that keep them coming back and make improvements at the same time.

2. Special Promos
Consumers are drawn to promos like bees are to honey. Announce short term promos and you’ll see sales spiking. Distributing coupons should be included. Online coupons which can be accessed through the internet and through mobile phones should also be explored since consumers are becoming more acquainted with these avenues.

3. Lead Generation
Rely on online, print and even mobile phone campaigns for lead generation. Make sure that follow up on your leads within 24 hours after you’ve received their contact information. Send your leads valuable information that they will find useful and announce special promos which they are likely to take interest in.

4. Brainstorm 
This should not be a tasked reserved only to a special group of employees. Ask your front office personnel about their suggestions for serving customers better. It is important that you pick out fresh ideas for your new marketing campaigns. New ideas are sure to create a buzz among consumers. You can also go directly to your customers for ideas. In exchange for the heads up, you can offer various freebies or sales perks.

5. Newsletters
Newsletters are importantly especially when the year is coming to a close. Send out newsletters through e-mail or directly to your customers’ mailboxes and keep track of promos which generate the most sales. By then you’ll find out what works best with your customers with the help of your newsletters.

6. Give Back
People like businesses that know how to give back. Host fundraisers or make donations to a local charity. Those living in your community will appreciate how your business is sensitive to the plight of other people and will look at your business as not as a money greedy crocodile but a business that cares.

Chris Marentis writes from experience about lead generation, closing the sale and leveraging social media. He is the founder and CEO for a local internet marketing company Surefire Social, a resource for local search marketing


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