Three Reasons to Attend Online Colleges

12 May

In this time of economic turmoil, getting a higher education is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is hard to procure any decent job without having at least some continued education outside of high school. At the same time, college has become more expensive than ever, with tuition, room and board fees skyrocketing annually. What’s a working class individual to do? The answer is online schooling.

Doing your college courses on the Internet allows you more freedom than any brick and mortar institution ever could, and you can often get a great education for a portion of the cost.

1. Ivy League Schools Are Available Online


Although, in the past, colleges advertised online were names that many of us had never heard of, now you can get a degree from recognizable, venerable names like Cornell University. eCornell is a program that is fully owned and approved by the Ivy League school, which awards you an eCornell certificate upon completion. eCornell certificate programs include Human Resources, Business, Hospitality and Healthcare. With these online programs, you can learn financial management and leadership skills that other Cornell students would learn on campus, but you can do it from your computer.


2. Skill Acquisition When It’s Convenient


Going to a four-year (or more) Ivy League school can be challenging as a freshman, right out of high school, let alone when you are already a parent or have an established full-time job well under way. Programs like these that allow you to earn your degree online make it so that you can work school around your own schedule—whatever that may be. As long as the work gets done when it is due, you can study and write any time of the day or night that best suits your free time and level of alertness.


3. Serious Resume Enhancement Without the Costs


One of the biggest benefits of distance learning online is the fact that it is typically much less costly than attending a conventional college or university. Think about it: you don’t have to drive to campus every day so that saves you gas money and parking pass fees. You don’t have to live on campus either, so you are saving literally thousands of dollars in boarding and meal costs. All you are paying for is tuition and books. Even the cost of online tuition is often far less than typical tuition, because professors don’t necessarily need to be on campus each day instructing you.

Of course, having a degree on your resume, especially from a prestigious school, can pay off at work. If you pursue a related program, you could end up getting promoted or receiving a raise. In addition, many employers pay partial or all tuition fees if the program is directly related to your position.

Jessica writes about a wide variety of topics.  She especially enjoys writing about education. You can learn more about Ecornell Certificate at


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