SmartyTags Takes QR Codes to the Next Level

19 May

by Deborah Corn 

Ohio-based startup SmartyTags is taking its QR (quick response) code capabilities to the next level, hoping to help companies better target their customers with relevant content.

Essentially, the QR codes from SmartyTags are designed to provide valuable back-end data to the merchant, such as links to four different videos about a new baby giraffe at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Through these codes, businesses can track valuable information including the number, location, and time of scans, as well as what kinds of phones are being used to make them. What’s more, a SmartyTag can easily be reprogrammed with new content, making it simple for companies to connect customers to new videos or web links.

According to J.B. Kropp, one of the founders of SmartyTags, “QR codes provide a unique way to connect consumer to digital content. Companies are able to deliver marketing info, videos, get likes on Facebook, send tweets via Twitter, etc.,” he told midVentures. “Consumers view QR codes as bonus content, so as long as the company is delivering the right experience, it will be successful for them.”

Despite being such a new startup, SmartyTags is already being adopted by some pretty major clients—beyond the Cincinnati Zoo, it’s also soon to be used by the Cincinnati Bengals, the Cincinnati Museum Center, and others.

According to Kropp, the reason for his company’s quick success is simple: “There has not been an easy way to manage qr codes to date,” he said. “So with the launch of SmartyTags, it was clear to companies the value and how they can leverage content to deliver to their consumers.”

via SmartyTags Takes QR Codes to the Next Level – midVentures midVentures.

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