How To Properly Marry SEO And Web Design

07 Jun

Most marketers understand that web design, content and visual engagement of any website is paramount to the grand success of the user experience. For designers, the containing block, logo, navigation, white space, content, and footer are the necessary features to any graphically designed website. Ultimately, the design of a webpage is the first thing visitors see. However, many first time website visitors will judge the site by the landing page and determine whether or not to dive in or perform a new query in the search engines. However, some of these sites may not even obtain the eyes of the visitors if organic SEO isn’t present.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the website’s visibility in the search engine result pages. We all know that content is king. Bridging the gap between web design and SEO can help companies rank on the first page of Google search results, increase traffic and visitors as well as drive greater goal conversations for an end goal of vast ROI. Web design and SEO must come hand-in-hand. Simply stated, having an intriguing web design without well written, optimized content with alt tags and internal linking, is like having cold cereal without milk. It just leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

Steps in Creating the Ultimate Website

To get both SEO and web design in your company’s wheelhouse, there are a few steps that need to place to combine the two:

  1. Desired Look & Feel – Have a general idea of what the site should look like. Look at several websites to find ones of interest.
  2. Hand Sketch – Have the designer hand sketch a layout.
  3. Keyword Research – Perform keyword research for targeted keyword phrases.
  4. Write Content – Begin writing optimized content geared towards the target audience.
  5. Mock-Up – Once the copy is complete, the web designer can create a design mock-up.
  6. Revisions – Make any revisions to both the design and content as needed.
  7. Coding – Once all is approved, begin coding for publishing.
  8. Proofing – When the design and content are published online, proof the site for any functionality and grammatical errors.

From there, it’s a simple recipe for success. Now, on to link building!

About the Author: Dan Meyer is an Internet Marketing Consultant for an internet marketing firm, ProspectMX, who offers white label services for marketing agencies and web design firms. For more information, visit

Dan Meyer is an Internet Marketing Consultant for ProspectMX, an internet marketing firm. ProspectMX now offers white label services for marketing agencies and web design firms. Learn more at


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