Top 5 iPad Apps for Programmers

09 Jun

The Apple Market now boasts a vast selection of iPad apps, and while there is always a great deal of attention on the newest, one category in particular seems to always get short-changed: apps for programmers. One list won’t change that, but we hope to get the balling rolling in the right direction with our choices for the top 5 iPad apps for programmers. These are apps that will get more out of your iPad, and make you a more productive coder.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is the ultimate iPad-accessible cloud service for a number of reasons: It’s free for up to 2 GB worth of storage, it’s incredibly easy to use and it is extremely fast. Since programmers are primarily dealing in text files, 2 GB is more than enough to store all their work for any given project or two and have it be accessible wherever they are: in the office, at home or on the road.

2. FTPOnTheGo

Most professional programmers work as a part of a team, and an FTP server is usually an integral aspect of keeping that team fully connected. Before now, there wasn’t a convenient or powerful way to access an FTP server from your iPad. The all-new FTPOnTheGo app, on the other hand, supports browsing, deletion, renaming, chmod and it even allows you to edit those files seamlessly using an external editor.

3. iMockups

As a programmer, we’re most productive when we’re left alone and behind our favored workstation. But that isn’t our usual reality. We have meetings, conferences, responsibilities to our children and so forth. Well, iMockups is an incredibly cool app that lets you do something productive during your downtime, such as building mockups of websites and other user interfaces.

4. Omnigraffle

Omnigraffle is like iMockups except that it allows you draw sophisticated diagrams by dragging and dropping various shapes and objects. If you’re familiar with the Mac version of Omnigraffle, then you know this one too; it doesn’t miss a beat. For the programmer who works with workflow diagrams, there simply isn’t another app available for the iPad that provides as much capability as this one does.

5. Markup

For the programmer, one of the limitations to actually writing code on the iPad is the lack of support for markup. Writing in plain text simply doesn’t cut it any longer. The languages are too complex, and we’re often working under a substantial time crunch. Markup is a basic – basic in a good way – editor that supports markup for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and so forth, and it even allows you to create folders and files with proper extensions from right within the program.

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