Blogs: Academic and Social Boons

18 Jun

Technology is changing the world in more ways than its founders ever would have expected. For example, blogs and other internet networking services are having a profound effect on the manner in which college students are approaching their educations. By utilizing the benefits of modern technology, students are able to learn more effectively and more efficiently than ever before. This in turn is boosting graduation rates and yielding more knowledgeable workers.

Solving Coursework Problems

Blogs allow college students to instantly pool their knowledge. For instance, if a student is unsure of how to perform a scientific calculation, he or she could blog about his or her confusion. The student’s peers would then respond with tips and assistance that make the process clear. In the future months, other students who have the same question could consult the written blog for speedy help on their coursework. This saves college students countless hours that would have been spend researching an issue in the library or in their dorm rooms. In this respect, it is easy to see how blogs can be extremely beneficial to a college student’s studies.

Shared Memory

Blogs are also useful in preserving information that has been delivered in lectures or in labs. Before the advent of the internet, it was rather difficult for college students to catch up on missed work. Unless he or she had a friend whom the student could copy handwritten notes from, the student would be essentially lost after missing an important class. Blogs solve this problem. Many professors post outlines of the day’s lesson on their blogs, allowing students to easily catch up on missed information. Even if the professor chooses not to provide such a service, it is remarkable easy for the teacher’s aide or members of the class to transfer typed notes from a personal computer to an internet blog. U.C. Berkeley has determined that the internet is very beneficial to college students in this manner; if a student is ever sick of has other vital responsibilities during a class, his or her grade will not suffer as a result.

Staying Connected on Campus

Blogs are not only useful to college students in an academic sense. These internet tools also allow students to stay connected on a social level, enabling them to take full advantage of the college experience. For example, various campus clubs and organizations can use blogs to their great advantage. They can post pertinent news, special activities, and important upcoming dates. Blogs can also be used to advertise the club and attract new members.

However, perhaps the greatest benefit of college blogs would be their ability to keep friends and family in touch. Especially if the student is attending school far from home, blogs can be very valuable to friends and family who would otherwise have had a difficult time communicating with each other. After going away to a university, young adults no longer have to worry about losing contact with those who are close to them.

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