Three Ways to Build an Email List

20 Jun

Marketing your dental practice in the internet is the same way as a business owner would promote his products online. And by that, it is just as important for dentists to start building an email list of prospective clients as it is for internet marketers. When you’re still starting out, of course your email list will be short. However, with time and with the help of an effective strategy, dentists will see that list grow longer and the email campaign will have more impact on one’s practice. To help you capture more emails, turn to these trusted methods.

First and foremost, every dental practice should have a decent website. Because your website is usually the first thing that future patients would visit in search of answers, you need to make sure that your website can entice its visitors to sign up for your email list. To do this, make sure to post a sign-up form on your homepage and design it in a way that your visitors will not be able to miss it. Try to lure visitors with freebies as to make them give up their email addresses. For instance, offering a free dental checkup or minor treatment will not only make visitors sign-up to your email list but also move them to visit your clinic.

Printed Materials
Never underestimate the power of paper. Although people turn to the internet for almost everything, the convenience of handing a piece of paper with the name of your dental clinic and its website to a random person passing by is still unparalleled. For that reason, make use of printed materials and brochure and make sure that you direct the readers to your website. You can also include your website in your business card. This way, patients can show your business card to friends when they are recommending and their friends can easily check you out online.

You do not have to look far and wide to get more emails. Your current patients may be seeing you now but you’ll never know if they’ll switch dentists in a month or so. So ask for your patients’ emails and send them an e-newsletter every now and then. If you keep on sending them helpful articles and tips, they’ll feel that (1) their dentist really does care about their oral health and (2) welcomed. By doing something as simple as that, you’ll get your patients’ loyalty.

Elliot Pearson Writes as a specialist for Dentist Identity who provides Dental Marketing and Dental Practice SEO


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