11 Highest Paying Jobs

26 Jun

A quick glance at the highest paying jobs in the United States proves that this country values its health care, technology and public administration jobs the most. Surgeons and other health professionals top the list, which also contains specialists in software and networking. Engineers and academic deans also do well.

1. Anesthesiologist

With a median salary of $290,000 and a top end salary of $393,000 per year, anesthesiologists easily top the list when it comes to salaries. They receive high compensation for the hours they spend making sure that patients sleep comfortably and safely through all different kinds of surgeries.

2. General Surgeon

The surgeon performing the actual operation earns high pay as well. The median salary for a general surgeon is $260,000, while top surgeons can bring in as much as $412,000 per year. The job requires years of training, but the payoff can be worth it in the end.

3. Obstetrician/Gynecologist

These physicians work long and varied shifts based on the whims of unborn babies. They have to carry high malpractice insurance because of the unpredictable nature of their work. The median salary for an obstetrician is in the $210,000 range.

4. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists have a higher earning potential because of their years of medical training. The median salary hovers near the $185,000 mark. Psychiatrists have the ability to prescribe medication for mental illness, which sets them apart from other mental health professionals.

5. Academic Dean

Deans make about $150,000 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They are the educational administrators of colleges and universities, providing the school’s vision and direction. The dean represents all that the school wishes to project to students and the public.

6. Product Management Director

These technology specialists are behind many of the technological advances we use on a daily basis. With a median salary near $148,000, they can afford to spend their days helping to drive the invention of new gadgets for companies around the globe.

7. Software Engineer

Software engineers help create the programs that make it possible for people to use computers effectively. They are extremely vital to our current computer-driven business world, and their median salary of around $144,000 proves it.

8. Dentist

Keeping a nice, healthy smile is an important part of overall good health. Dentists can expect to earn a median salary of $142,000 per year, with top end jobs paying as much as $237,000.

9. Airline Pilot

We trust airline pilots to deliver us, our friends, and our families to the air and back to the ground safely day in and day out. The expertise and high stress involved in flying an airplane for a living is tempered by the nice paycheck, which is usually around $134,000 per year.

10. Actuary

Actuaries receive high pay because they are responsible for weighing each financial decision made by a business. Their expertise allows them to bring home a median salary of $133,000 per year, with top positions paying as much as $222,000.

10. Electrical Engineers

We need electrical engineers and electronics specialists to make sure that we always have the least expensive power available at all times. Engineers are constantly working to make power development and consumption more efficient. For their efforts and for the years of necessary training, these specialists can expect to earn around $112,000 per year.

Jessica Bosari writes about careers for, a site offering tips and information for those considering careers in education and looking for education colleges.


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