How to Secure Your Business While in a Recession

14 Jul

Times are difficult. We are in the midst of a recession. People are losing jobs and businesses are twice more difficult to run. The struggling economy coupled with the emergence of new technology has been the cause of so many businesses’ downfall.

But there are three things that remain constant even under such dismal conditions. Businesses which have established themselves to be authorities in their niche will still manage to survive and even thrive. The contribution of low cost yet quality leads will lead to revenue. Finally, professionals—including business owners—which have managed to become experts in their field, will always be sought after.

A business owner should know these realities in order to be effective in running a successful business even with the recession on full swing. In order to respond to these realities, a wise business owner has to make use of social media. The beauty of social media is that everyone and anyone can use it. At the same time, social media is available to everyone because participation in it is free. If there are any costs, they are expected to be minimal. The only barriers which hinder the effective use of social media are the lack of passion and education.

To be indispensible in this changing world means learning to adapt to change. This can be difficult especially when it comes to business owners who were accustomed to the traditional marketing methods which included direct mail and what not, but it is definitely necessary. One does not have to suddenly become a social media expert though. Just doing a simple few things may be all it takes to ensure that your business thrives.

Start blogging. The hardest part when it comes to blogging is getting started. This is ironic since anyone can set up a blog in under 15 minutes. Put your free time to good use by sharing knowledge that you have accumulated through years of experience. By sharing your expertise, you can set yourself as an authority in your field and earn the trust and confidence of consumers who follow your blog. Don’t forget to comment on other blogs too so that you can connect with other “experts” online.

Write for article directories. Article directories like ezine articles are great places to publish your written works. People who are looking for content to post on their site can pick up your article and the anchor text link you are allowed to have per article will help drive traffic to your website or blog.

Chris is an expert marketer who likes to write about what he has learned in over 25 successful years in business and currently specializes in local search engine marketing in his company SureFire Social.


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