Insect in a Web – Always with a Spider

31 Jul

It was five in the morning when I headed on to a town next to our city. As I used the bus for transit, I saw a lot of establishments on the sidewalk. I noticed fast food restaurants, printing shops, banks, convenience stores, internet cafés, coffee shops, bars and many other businesses. Epiphany struck me when I realized that many of these businesses have been around for quite a long time. I remember when I was young, I used to play computer games in some of those internet cafés. I even tried skipping classes in order to ace a game among my friends and classmates. I also remember that I usually bought candy in the convenience stores to feed my sweet tooth.

These businesses have created quite an impression to other people and, personally, to me. I could not really imagine how these establishments went through  the years. I could not comprehend their hardships and sufferings, and the people in charge who made it all happen.

Then I got to the town I was heading for. It was not as urbanized as the city I came from. In comparison, it was a little bit silent and hushed. There were some internet cafés and local pubs around the town. Curious enough, I went to one of their internet shops to figure out how technologically advanced or delayed the people were. When I opened the door, I was greeted with a view of over forty computers.  A piece of mounted paper on the wall said the rental rate was less than a half dollar.

As I passed by some computers, I noticed that the computer renters were blogging. Some are outsourcing and promoting other company through online writing. Some others were doing graphic design and web development. I approached one of them and asked how long he has been doing that and he answered, “For almost a year already.” Despite the town’s quietness, the people are indeed catching up with technological advancements.

That was when I realized how  businesses like these internet shops keep up with the industry. Businesses have sub-businesses regardless of how small they may be. The shops have customers who in turn have personal customers. They interminably work together for good. With the people’s resiliency, each contributes to an indirect assistance of sustenance to every business in the web of establishments.

Your author Chris Marentis writes about what he has learned in over 25 successful years in business, he specializes in local search engine marketing at his local internet marketing company Insect in a Web – Always with a Spider.


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