Some Hard Facts About Online MBA Degrees

03 Aug

Are you planning to pursue an online management course to enhance your job prospects? Before you do so, it is better to weigh the pros and cons of getting a degree online. Although today most people choose online courses for earning credentials than the traditional means of getting a degree, it is better to first learn about the various aspects of online learning. Look at the advantages and disadvantages of getting an online degree if you are confused whether to go for traditional educational medium or the e-learning mode.

An online management degree will be highly advantageous as it helps a person in getting a degree without leaving his job or other commitments. Thus a person can gain certain amount of professional experience as well as also get a management degree. A person opting for an online management program is not required to abide by the strict study guidelines and class schedules as followed in several traditional universities. One can study as per his convenience and from the comfort of his home when opting for online management degree. It is not necessary for a person enrolling for an online course to attend classes as all the course materials are available online, which is accessible from anywhere and anytime of the day or night.

Another major advantage that an online management degree has is that it is much more cost-effective as compared to the usual management program and the duration within which it can be completed is also shorter. An online management course may usually take around 18 months to be completed, while a usual management program may actually take around 2 years. In traditional management courses, one need to do a lot of theoretical learning and it requires longer duration. As online course can be completed fast and without incurring too much cost, it is a much preferred option by most working people, who want to get an edge over their peers in the competitive job market.

However, there are some disadvantages of online management course. It can get sometimes very difficult to study on your own as assistance is needed from fellow students to complete their studies. Online management course does not permit enough interaction with other students of the same batch. It is important for a person to be well-disciplined and highly motivated to achieve an online management degree. Another disadvantage is that not all good management schools offer online courses. This makes it difficult to choose the suitable program.

There are also high chances that a person opting for an online management course does not get his preferred job or the preferred salary as most employers still do not attach as much value to an online management course as they do to a usual MBA-program. Most of the online management institutions do not carry an equal value like the other traditional colleges. Virtual classroom also restrict a person to get involved in group activities and team building projects as students enrolling for online courses cannot bond well with other students of the same batch.

We have reviewed the top colleges that offer an <a href=””>online mba</a>. The reviews are unbiased and concise – read them before you make a choice.


4 responses to “Some Hard Facts About Online MBA Degrees

  1. James A. Lamb

    August 3, 2011 at 8:13 am

    Hey, Steve.

    Full disclosure; I got my MBA from Columbia Southern University, a 100% online, nationally accredited university headquartered in Orange Beach, Alabama.

    Now, I can say you’re right: the value proposition for these colleges is ease. For professionals working full-time, it’s a viable solution. Even so, more than I liked, the only time I had to study, read, or write was after midnight. And it was significantly cheaper than a brink-and-mortar alternative; it’s amazing how inexpensive you can get when you get rid of overhead.

    As for disadvantages, you’re right again. Motivation to set your own schedule and study on your own is hard to come by. My undergrad alma mater’s (the University of West Florida, in Pensacola) online courses had a 75% failure rate because students would wait until the last week of a 12-week course to start.

    Then, I’m not so sure an online program is the best vehicle for MBAs. A lot of the benefit to an MBA is interaction with your business peers, and you often won’t get that online. Then again, a lot of MBA students go directly to their MBA from their undergraduate degree, so the benefit of having like-minded professionals with years of industry experience is lost there, too.

    Finally, online degrees haven’t quite caught up with the reputation of their physical cousins. However, it’s the wave of the future. With tuition costs out of control, and more people trying to get back to work, again, it’s a viable solution. Even traditional schools are exploring virtual classrooms; MIT has all of its curriculum online for free, although it doesn’t mean you’ll have a degree from MIT if you take their courses online. What does that say about college; that the piece of paper on your wall is more important than the knowledge you obtained?

    Good article!


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