Cleaning or Replacing your Carpets? Make A Healthy Decision

07 Aug

Did you ever notice that the cold weather months are also a time when carpet and flooring businesses seem to really push people to install brand new materials? This has to do with the fact that the weather can keep people cooped up, and this forces them to scrutinize the looks and condition of their homes. Often, people notice that their carpets are in bad shape and start to think about replacing them. However, this can be a big mistake for their general health and also the health of the environment.

Carpets are eco-hazards

Why? Carpets are known for being some of the worst offenders where VOCs are concerned. These are “volatile organic compounds” that are released into the air and produced by the manufacturing processes used in the creation of most commercial and domestic carpets. Even worse, many of the adhesives used to install carpets will release large amounts of VOCs too. These are substances with strong links to respiratory problems and even some cancers.

While there are some options for eco friendly flooring, such as unprocessed grasses, woolens, and natural fibers, there might still be risks associated with the stain repellants, anti-mildew treatments, and the pesticides used in them. Low VOC products are available quite widely but may cost a little more than the more mainstream solutions.

Go green

So, this means that the best option is to somehow rejuvenate or restore the original carpeting as much as possible. Naturally, the best way is to consider a deep cleaning and stain removal treatment. This can be become a DIY project through equipment rental and the purchase of chemicals, but if you don’t pay attention to the ingredients, you might create some of the same breathing risks a new carpet would have.

Go pro

One of the best solutions, according to several news articles appearing in late 2010, is to seek out the services of a “green” carpet cleaning company. There are a host of different franchises that use only natural oxygenated cleaning agents that rely on enzymes to actually devour the stains during the treatment processes. The best companies rely entirely on organic and biodegradable solutions, water conserving machines, and have an absolute requirement that their franchisees recycle any and all of the solution containers and packaging.

Why would this be an optimal solution? If stains are not of the “set in” variety, and if they have never been professionally treated in the past, it is likely that these eco-friendly chemicals will be able to pull them from the fibers of the carpet. The machines used by the green carpet cleaning companies actually allow the chemical treatment to reach the base of the carpet, and this ensures that odors trapped in the lowest regions are addressed too.

A last resort

If stains cannot be eliminated by the green carpet cleaning company, it is likely that a replacement is necessary. If that is the case, be sure that the old carpeting is recycled properly and that your replacement is “green”, low VOC, and as healthy as possible.

If your carpet is still showing some signs of longevity, then you can contact Housework Heroes for professional carpet cleaning services. While you’re at it, notice that they also provide domestic services for House Cleaners Perth and other Australian cities. If you’re into DIY, then you may like to read How to Re-Caulk the Tile in Your Bathtub.


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One response to “Cleaning or Replacing your Carpets? Make A Healthy Decision

  1. Anjie

    March 2, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    This is brilliant. It gives me an information on what to do with my old carpet. Tnx!


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