Networking – How To Get Ahead in Your Career

21 Aug
An old caveat that has proven to be able to stand the test of time is the saying “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” And that saying is very true, especially when it comes to the subject of business and careers. You can go to the best schools, get the best education in the world and graduate at the top of your class, but unless you have the right connections there’s a very strong chance that you’ll spend your career at the bottom of the ladder waiting to be discovered.

Networking is an excellent way to make connections, drum up new business and let other people know about you without your having to tell them about yourself face-to-face. Business networking is a type of networking in which groups of like-minded business individuals find, make or take business opportunities. A truly successful business network will form new models of networking that give business-people the opportunity to create new business connections and make business opportunities at the same time. Businessmen and women fresh out of college and business school will want to integrate themselves into a business network or two so that they can get an inside look at what the current market is, what works, what doesn’t work, who they should be working with and who they should avoid. There are several business-people who believe that business networking is oftentimes more cost effective than advertising or any kind of public relations efforts. The reason being that business networking doesn’t cost much at all and deals more with a personal commitment and less with the company’s money. This kind of network is an excellent way to swap business leads and referrals with fellow members.

Methods of social networking such as Facebook and Twitter are also good ways to get ahead in your career. These avenues expose you to an entirely new audience that you might not have uncovered. Social networking allows you to get in touch with the people who will be buying your product, reading your material or walking inside of your stores. This kind of networking offers a more personal touch and lets customers and clients get an inside look on the day to day activities of your business. This gives you the opportunity to ask customers, clients and readers what they like, what they don’t like, offer suggestions and chat with you one-on-one. Social networking also allows you to alert your audience of sales, offer them special online-only coupons and keep them updated. The internet has made it so that all boundaries between people nearly non-existent. It’s a great idea to take advantage of this opportunity in order to put yourself and your career in the fast lane.

With the way that the world is changing, it now takes more than a 4-year degree to have a successful career. You now have to know people, and know people who know people. Be sure to attend company functions and parties, put your face out there and make sure people know who you are. You never know what new and useful connections or friends you might make. Always be on the look out for new ways to network and your career is sure to surge ahead.

John Walter is a job-search coach who specializes in resume writing.  You can get a professional and polished CV crafted at, and focus on your networking today.  There’s plenty of competition in the market, and a great resume and cover letter are cornerstones to landing the right position.


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