Innovative Digital Signage Helps Boost Sales

31 Aug

With the banking crisis of 2009 still sending shockwaves around many world markets, the drive for innovation, sustainability and business streamlining is on. Many businesses have already paid the price for not adhering to this, as markets become more competitive more and more organisations fold altogether.
However, the ones that have survived through this have learned some valuable lessons in what to do in order to survive. Technology has been a big part of this, from new renewable energy sources and materials to save on bills, to digital advertising and marketing. One market within this that has seen a good year on year increase since 2009 is that of digital signage. What began as simply illuminated signs spelled out with incandescent bulbs in Victorian times has now become a multi million pound high tech industry that enters more and more parts of our lives. In the past decade there have been great leaps in digital signage, alongside advances in technology. Here are some of the more innovative products currently available to help you push your products:

– Camvine Coda
Camvine is a UK based signage company specialising in wireless systems for businesses. Their main product is a clever program and system that allows content to be displayed on a whole range of monitors and changed through a drag and drop GUI. You can control either all of set groups of screens, and input all kinds of media from streaming video, webcams, stocks and shares information, pre programmed videos and audio. It’s a great and very flexible systems that allows a massive range of options, and can connect to almost anything.

– Janus Displays LED Interactive
Janus Displays are a US based manufacturer of point of sale displays, and have recently launched a new model that has some great features. Firstly it has a built in Kinect camera so that games and interactive promotions can be built in. This camera can track the movements of people stood nearby so they can interact with the advertisement, giving them a much fuller experience. The camera can also tell what colour the background of the advertisement is, and change the LED lighting to suit. A very clever bit of kit.

– Magnetic 3D
With recent renewed interest in 3D technology, the method of delivery is now being looked at in more detail. Many systems still rely on having to wear glasses, but this has come a long way from the red and blue paper specs you used to have. Today, clear glasses are used, but systems developed by Magnetic 3D for point of sale no longer need them. The use of clever lenticular lenses create an illusion of depth without the need for any glasses, but it’s not quite as effective as proper 3D. It is, however, still under development and will no doubt make an excellent and engaging signage option.

Jessie works for, specialists in audio visual systems and digital signage. She is self confessed audio and technology geek and a keen blogger, and can often be found surrounded by her gadget collection.


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