How to Start a Small Business and Become an Entrepreneur

15 Nov

In today’s world, it has become very difficult to find a job. It is becoming harder and harder to get in to the right job. There are many talented people in the world who are struggling for jobs even after completing their education for several years. For those, it is better to start their own business. Initially, one can start a small business and with sincere efforts, hard work, determination and will power one can grow into a successful entrepreneur.  Most of us think that starting a business is a mysterious and complicated process. But, if planned properly one can start a small business easily. Here are some steps to start a small business.

Firstly, choose what kind of business you want to start. Think of the areas in which you are interested and want to start a business. For example, acting, dancing, teaching, web designing, web hosting, programming, online data entry etc. It is very important to know your passions and personality before starting a business. Bring out your skills and talents and put them on the table. After this, write a business plan which is very important to start and operate your own business. This is one of the tough and time taking tasks in starting your own business. In business plan, one must decide how to generate a standard income, how to meet the expenses, how to fund your business, how to take over the competitors, and how to grow etc.

Initially, invest some amount of money. Every business needs some start-up investment. One must remember that it is difficult to start a business without investment. Give a name to your business. The right brand name will help to distinguish your business from other competitors. In other words, your business name behaves like an aid in branding your company. After that, choose a right structure for your business. Get all the necessary licenses, permits, employer identification number (EIN) and other paperwork. Find a good business location and set your office. Choose the office in such a place that your clients and customers can reach easily. Create a genuine and proper accounting system. Hire a good accountant who is aware of all the systems, taxes, trade services and other systems. If possible develop a small website of your business which contains information about your business, previous work etc.

One can even start a business with a partner. The partner should be a person having experience in the same field with different skills. Moreover, the partner should be reliable and genuine. It is advisable to start a business with a partner, as the partner will remind you of the business priorities and you can even share your initial investment with your partner which lessens the financial burden. Once you start your work, charge appropriate amount for the work done. Don’t undercharge and at the same time be flexible.

Proper pricing always makes the business lively and client will fell like hiring a right person for their work.


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