How To Organize A Seamless Office Refit

18 Nov

While office space design may seem inconsequential, studies have shown that office space layout and colors will affect productivity in an office. Businesses need to ensure that the lighting is adequate, the area is open and the desks and chairs are ergonomic. New office design considers each of these elements. An office re-fit may be just the answer to improving your employees’ morale and productivity.

• Stage 1: Consultation

Schedule an appointment to show the design team your office space and determine how an office refit can benefit your company. During the consultation address all of the major issues, such as lighting, color schemes, storage solutions, partitioning systems, ergonomic furniture, as well as, voice and data cabling solutions. Clearly define the objectives for this project and describe them in depth to the re-fit designer. Study the positioning of the columns and any other obstructions that may stand in the way of designing an ideal office solution. Dimensions must be taken, along with determining ceiling heights and regulations. Window positions, door positions and other elements are also of major concern. Design consultants will consider each of these elements before concluding the conversation to render a three dimensional layout of the potential design.

• Stage 2: Two and Three Dimensional Layouts

During the next phase of the project, the designer will render a two or three dimensional floor plan based upon the initial consultation. From the designer’s product library, a number of innovative design solutions will be selected. Furniture layout and color schemes are not typically included at this stage of the project. The client will mainly focus on the general layout of the office. A company representative will view the office from all angles to determine if there will be any obstacles in terms of accommodating employees, office furniture, office equipment or any other limitations. Once the representative signs off on this stage, designers may move into the final stages to produce the fully rendered three dimensional drawing.

• Stage 3: Fully Rendered Visuals

During this stage, fully rendered three dimensional visuals will be produced with office furniture, partitioning, colour schemes and flooring finishings. Clients can fully visualize the product. When the rendering is shown to the client, he or she may make requests for changes in the design. Some design companies will offer clients multiple options to choose from so that the client receives the most desirable finished product.

• Stage 4: Implementation of the Design

During the implementation phase, the client may be invited to view the office re-fit and make any last minute changes before the job is completed. After the implantation is complete, employees will enjoy the benefits of their new office space.


Many designers have very modern and advanced partitions and designs with bright colors. Gone are the days of the drab gray partition walls. Most of the new designs are modern and art deco style. Glass partitions are also available. The benefits of office refits are apparent. Just follow the steps, and you are on your way to organising a seamless office re-fit.

Will writes for Principal Corp a leader in the consumer electronics and managed services industry, Principal specialises in Office Systems and fax machines amongst other practical IT based solutions.


One response to “How To Organize A Seamless Office Refit

  1. office space in london

    November 29, 2011 at 6:06 am

    Your office design and layout focuses on two key factors that you have touched on nicely in this article. Not only does it affect your employees productivity levels but also the impression that potential clients have of the quality of your work. Remodeling your office is a fantastic way to combat and improve on what you already have and this article was really helpful when considering all the implications and best methods for making the change.


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