How to Recruit New Staff

18 Nov

Recruitment of new staff in an organization plays a very important role as the success of the organization depends on the newly recruited staff those are new to the environment.

The staff is the most important part of a company.  They will be the driving force behind every decision, every shipment, and every contact with customers.  Bad staff choices can bring a company down, and it is imperative that only the best people are employed every time there is a new position opening up in the company.

New staff can bring new ideas to your company.  This is only achievable if the best of the best are employed. Before the recruitment of any new employee in the organization the human resources team should be trained enough to recognize the best talent among people. It can be done through suggestions from current staff that are already experienced in the business, recruiting at vocational schools and universities, and advertising in classified sections of newspapers and trade and professional publications.

The first step is to weed out those applicants who are unqualified for the positions and those who do not have the necessary skill-set. This can be done by reading resumes and CVs.

The mindset is to attract qualified, talented and experienced people whose skills match the job position you are trying to fill. Once you get qualified people into your shortlist, you can use interviewing and references to screen for other desirable qualities. While recruiting it’s very important that you look to the long term goal of that employee because he’s the one who will be the future of the organization. Always keep in mind that the person you’re recruiting should be with the company for the long run.

Recruiters also need to ensure that they have the right number of people in the right jobs at the right time. The most important thing is to give prospective employees a good idea of how he can progress through the company, and in turn listen to his opinions and views about the company. Once the employee is recruited, the recruiters should orient the new employee, explaining what is required in the company, and the overall company ethos.  Also we should inform them of their potential their growth and future with the company. At the same time, we should expect a candidate to give their 100% for the company and be a big part of its continuing growth.

Mark Gregory is writing on behalf of Ashley Associates, who offer a range of services including; recruitment to recruitment agencies and Recruitment to Recruitment


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