Making it Big in Entrepreneuring

27 Dec

Coming up with an idea

In order for your company to be successful, you must create a need in your consumer. Products and services that solve a problem or give pleasure to buyers are the most likely to be successful. Coming up with an idea for a business requires you to do some research. Look around you, what are some problems that everybody faces? If you can take a problem that everybody has and solve it (cheaply), then you have a powerful business idea.

Know the audience

When coming up with an idea, it is important to think about who might be buying your product or service. For example, if you wish to sell candy on the street, you’re should probably do market research to find out what streets will get you the most profit. Selling candy on the street of a bunch of retired couples may not be as wise as selling candy in front of an elementary school. Knowing your audience and what they are willing to pay for and under what conditions they’ll pay for it is vital to being successful.


Surround yourself by smart people. It is an unfortunate truth that what you know often doesn’t matter as much as who you know. It helps to find people who are masters of their art—whether that art be technological know-how, people skills, or simply marketing skills. Having a good and diverse skill set is necessary in any new company.


Knowing how to market your product is key. Part of marketing goes straight back to knowing your audience. You have to be familiar with the self-interests, needs, and wants of your target audience if you wish to make any impact at all. It is also necessary to know where your audiences tune into and who they trust for information. You don’t see many candy commercials during news segments. Why? Because adults aren’t the target audience for candy. Your kids are.

Do your research

When you are selling your product or service, make sure you do your research. Try to find out not only how much people are buying, but why they are buying it. Or, if things aren’t going well, find out why they’re not buying it. It may be a simple matter of changing the packaging. It may be because your consumers don’t understand the product or service. Whatever the reason is, find it out. Don’t be afraid to change your tactics if something isn’t working.

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Stephen Sharpe has worked as a web writer for for almost a year. My Colleges and Careers is a career and college database with information about the best online colleges.


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