Furnishings and Workings of the Future Office

31 Dec

While we are still working at desks and using the copier, we may often daydream during our daily tasks and wonder to ourselves what the future office will look like. How will furniture and office space change from current layouts and rolling seats next to square desks and will we still be in cubicles in the next decade? Will the future office be run by robots while we all work from remote locations, only coming into the office to pick up important paperwork? Changes are already a foot in the way that office space is managed, and one only needs to look at serviced executive suites La Jolla to know that flexible terms and shared working spaces is already becoming a dominant force in commercial space rental. So how will the office of the future change in regards to personnel, working space and furniture? Let’s take a quick look inside.

Who’s Working in the Office of the Future?

With the driving force of mobile technology there is little cause for workers to be in a centralised location at all times of the day. With workers already having all the capabilities of being able to function at full potential at a coffee shop or at home in their private space, the offices of the future may very well be completely automated with some Asian firms already offering prototype designs of robots to take care of daily office chores such as filing, delivering mail and pouring coffee. The robot discussed has been designed by Kawada Industries and will be able to recognise the faces of its co-workers and take care of mundane tasks, leaving you free to do whatever you need, wherever you are.

What’s the Optimum Office Setup?

Open plan areas are already becoming the dominant style of offices to generate inclusive operations and also to bring a sense of unison. For corporate offices of the future that still wish to have workers at single premises, we may find that communal desks will be the choice for workers. Collaboration instead of individuality will offer some of the developments in progression utilising the water cooler theory of creativity and it will be that CEO’s and directors are sharing the same work space and integrating their ideas with their staff. Offices will all have numerous facilities as workers are able to perform away from their desks, so coffee shops, gyms and other recreational areas become areas of creativity. When future thinking companies currently conduct an office search for new premises, they are already taking these factors into account.

How you Sit Changes How You Think

Office furniture will change in the future as well. Making use of interactive desks such as those seen in Minority Report may be a touch too futuristic at the moment, but having pod style chairs with integrated multimedia and multiple desk areas for laptops and screens with ergonomic seating is already part of some companies. The Future office will make comfort and creativity a focus, and furniture will follow suit with sleek, practical and innovative designs.

Penny Munroe is a freelance blogger with a keen interest in technology and the way it is chanigng our worlds.


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