Convert ‘Lookers’ into Buyers In The Brick & Mortar and Online Worlds

04 Feb

Window shopping is a favorite pastime for many people. They like to check out the latest and greatest styles and modern décor trends. As a business owner, this can be very frustrating, because you are looking for customers to not just browse through your shop, but also make a purchase. This is true for any business – whether you own a clothing store, a furniture store or even a hobby store. Turning a window shopper into a buyer may require some tricky, tactical thinking on your part but it is not difficult. It makes no difference if you own a brick and mortar store or run an online business – the goal is the same. You simply need to learn the tricks that make a difference in the way the consumer thinks.

Why People Window Shop

 There are many reasons why people window shop. Many times it is to gauge the prices of items for comparison or to get an idea of what the new trends are. Others may simply be living on a budget and fantasizing about what to buy with their next paycheck. Many window shoppers compare prices online because it is very easy to do so. It is not uncommon for an online shopper to fill up their cart with products from your store and abandon it without purchasing a single item. To prevent this from happening, there are several methods you can employ.

Speak to the Inner Impulse Buyer

Within all of us lies the tendency to be an impulse buyer. Think about what makes you want to buy an item without a second thought and put it to work in your shop. For example, everyone loves a deal – so make one that is impossible for shoppers to refuse. You can change the deal weekly, daily, or monthly – whatever your preference is. The point is to make the deal attractive enough that shoppers will not be able to turn it down. The famous buy one, get one 50% off is a good deal, but it is not what you are looking for in this particular situation. What you want is an eye-catcher that not only makes the shopper want your item, but makes them want it right now, today.

Set Yourself Apart

 One of the main things that online businesses have to worry about is the significant amount of competition that exists. With more than a million companies selling their wares online, competition is very stiff. Many people are directly competing by lowering prices, offering spectacular sales and otherwise engaging in competitive activity. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to lower their prices – this is especially true if you are a maker of hand crafted goods competing against a reseller. There is no way you can compete with the prices of a reseller, so it is not even worth the effort to try.

Instead, set yourself apart. Without putting other companies down – consumers frown heavily upon this – state a few good reasons why your products are superior. Leave the mention of the price out of your reasons; it will only look like you are focused on the profit instead of the shopper. If a shopper is focused on cost rather than quality, they are likely not your target shopper. Stand firm in your prices. While it is okay to offer discounts on particular items for a special, lowering your prices shows that you do not value the work you put into your business. All private businesses are run for profit; you have to show that you not only care about the business, but about your customers as well.

Online Businesses

Online businesses face a lot more challenges than a one-of-a-kind brick and mortar store that is located in the center of town. Brick and mortar stores are able to attract customers by putting up signs around town, advertising in the local newspaper or even by direct mail. Online businesses have to rely on getting their website to the top of the list in search engines. This requires in-depth research as to what customers are shopping for. If you own an online shoe store, for example, you want to know what keywords will help get your website to the first page of search results.

Once you get the shoppers to the website, you can turn a window shopper into a buyer by writing creative web copy that explains why the customer has to have this item right now. This is the single most important part of selling online. Boring descriptions are likely to be skipped over, even if your item is fantastic. Equally important are great photographs, especially if your items are handmade. A photograph is all the customer has to go on other than the description and if your photographs are blurry, you will likely not make the sale.

Turning a window shopper into a buyer can prove to be challenging. However, by employing a few tactical tricks and thus making your customer covet the items available in your store, you are likely to convert them into buyers. This will not prove to be effective with every window shopper; some never actually make a purchase. There is a learning curve to getting browsers to buy and it is consistently changing, so be sure to keep on top of the trends to keep your customers shopping.

Neal works for United Call Center, a messaging service in Lake Havasu City, AZ. He is an expert on call center services and writes widely about telemarketing in general.


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