Going Fully Mobile As A Virtual Assistant

06 Feb

Virtual assistants have the luxury of having plenty of options when it comes to their careers. A virtual assistant can work from anywhere in the world provided they have the right set up, and that’s something that not a lot of professions can boast. At the same time, it’s possible to work completely from home, which can be a huge benefit for stay at home moms and anybody who just wants to get away from the corporate rat race.This range of options that comes with being a virtual assistant is both freeing and slightly overwhelming at times. With so many choices you might be at a loss for which direction you want to take with your business. It may also be a little frightening, that feeling of having the whole world spread out in front of you for the taking. The best way to get past that feeling is to take a deep breath and think about all the benefits that really come from being a full time virtual assistant. You can literally work anywhere in the world. It’s not surprising that many virtual assistants take advantage of this and make the decision to take their business fully mobile.

Being a mobile virtual assistant means working without strings. Each client that you work for is on a contract basis, which means you are not tied down or obligated to stick with any employer if it doesn’t meet your schedule. You have the freedom to pick and choose whoever you want to work with, and if you’ve ever been an employee in a normal company with co-workers that you can’t stand, you know how important that really is.

Going mobile is a huge step, so don’t make that your first plan of action if you are first starting out, espeically if you have never been self employed before. The best way to handle it is to set yourself up in your regular home first and get a feel for the ropes. Traveling by itself can be hectic and stressful, and the last thing you want is the burdens of a full business hanging over your head when you don’t even understand the business yet in the first place.

Most virtual assistants like to wait a year or two before taking steps to go fully mobile and travel around the world, and that can be a very smart move. Doing this allows you to get a firm grasp on what kind of deadlines and work pressures are going to be given to you, and it allows you to build a relatively stable income before leaping off head first into the unknown.

The worst thing you can do is start your virtual assistant business and then buy a plane ticket to some new country the very same day. Take everything in its proper order and you’ll have a lot more success as a virtual freelancer. Once you have a firm grip on the business, then you should start looking for more variety.

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