Top Three Office Perks

13 Feb

There are some things about certain offices that really make you jealous. Whether it’s the fancy modern glass building or the person they hire to bring round food at lunch time, other offices always seem to have things in – or visiting them – that you want. Heck, yours might even actually have better facilities and yet the grass will still always look greener on the other side. But what are the most popular perks available in the contemporary office, and would your working life actually be dramatically improved by having one – or all – of them at your disposal? Read ’em and weep…

  • Sandwich delivery

This is great for those of us who find ourselves short of time or, worse yet, working into our lunch breaks. Local bakeries and cafés in big cities often offer a sandwich delivery service (or perhaps the building canteen if your company is based in one big enough), which generally involves staff coming round the office with baskets or trolleys full of food. Frequently – and especially if the company in question is a bakery – other foods are available (sometimes drinks as well), typically other kinds of baked goods such as cakes and cookies.

When the boss books you and your coworkers monthly massages in the comfort of your own office then you know you’ve got it good. Aside from being great for more obvious problems such as aches and pains, they can also help relieve stress, lessen the risk of repetitive strain injuries and leave you feeling relaxed yet energised enough to take on the rest of the day. Today there are a number of companies that offer on site massage services, which usually take place in a quiet room in a special massage chair with no need for any messy oils or even removal of clothing. Bliss.

  • Office cleaners

You may think this hardly worthy of being called a perk at all, but without cleaners life at your office would be far less pleasant. As such, you should show them a suitable amount of courtesy should you encounter them in their day to day work. Without cleaners – who probably get paid much less than you – you wouldn’t have nice, clean staff bathrooms, desks and carpets (despite the fact that you’re the one who spews crumbs all over your office space in the first place). However, if your office is really trendy then maybe you have a Roomba.

Mark Johnson worked as an office cleaner while he was at uni, but now he’s one of the annoying desk workers that gets in the way of those long suffering folk.


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