Chic Cubicle Decor for the Adventurous Minded Employee

01 Mar

Your office cubicle doesn’t need to be boring or dull. With a little bit of imagination and some decorating savvy you can transform your office compartment into a cosy retreat.  Cubicle decor comes in different sizes, forms and means and there is not specific way of going about it

One thing to keep in mind before you go ahead with decorating the wall of your cubicle is that you don’t won’t it to look like a teenager’s bedroom or a public bathroom. Covering every inch of your workplace with scraps and scrawls will only make your space seem smaller and won’t result in an attractive finish.

The dos and don’ts of office decor


  • Do include a colourful plant in your cubicle. A poinsettia, with its bright red leaves, will definitely bring that much needed touch of colour and natural allure to your cubicle.
  • Do pick out interesting wallpaper for your compartment wall. Unlike an office with proper cement walls, you can’t paint a cubicle. Wallpaper is your solution to overarching colours and designs to your workplace.
  • Do ask your employer to invest in a modular cubicle design. It’ll modernise the entire office space and move away from classic Taylorism; a design best left in the past.
  • Do look into interesting collage arrangements as a focal point for your space. Photos are the personal touch of choice for many businesspeople.
  • Do look into interesting jars for utilities that cause potential clutter on your desk. Be it glass or pastel plastic, a jar can lend a rustic feel to your corporate space.
  • Do pick a mousepad that suits your personality. They come in different colours, shapes and are inexpensive. They are a perfect way to start off your cubicle office decor.


  • Don’t include cubicle decor that could potentially become clutter. Your design plans should alleviate disorder not instigate it.
  • Don’t in any way, shape or form use glow in the dark glue or glitter. They’re difficult to remove and are a source of glitzy schmaltz.
  • Don’t put poster up. Posters are for love-struck teenagers that aren’t aware that they’re staining their walls.

Don’t put up a pinboard. In a small space, a pinboard is a potential danger and a probably irritation. If you accidentally bump it you could poke yourself and if you brush it you could knock some of your pins off.

Can it really be done?

Cool cubicle decor ideas can transform your workplace into a trending space. When your boss starts eyeing your compartment you’ll realise that inspiring design can make any dull desk or wall an avant-garde marvel.

Don’t be put off by your the present look and feel of your cubicle decor. Dull and boring can be swept under the rug with just a few tweaks and additions.

Bella Gray is a burgeoning professional who has moved up the ranks and loves to give office decor tips that she’s tried and tested in her own cubicle and present exectuive suites. She is an innovative employee who is passionate about the marketing industry and her serviced office China.


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