How to Create a Great Office Space

09 Mar

Setting up your office isn’t just about getting a place, throwing in the workstations and setting up the telephone lines. Yes, the wiring and electrical fittings are important but utilizing the entire space properly is as important, if not more. The way an office is setup helps create the atmosphere within. From a casual work atmosphere to something that’s completely professional and business-like, the atmosphere can be controlled by what you put in that office and where.

So if you are planning to setup your office in Brisbane, then here are some ways to make it look inviting.


When picking your location, for an office, in Brisbane, you need to consider the way the location will affect your staff’s performance. A long commute, to and from, will ensure that they are already tired before they reach the workplace. Making sure that the office is centrally located, giving everyone easy accessibility, is of prime importance.

When choosing the location, price also becomes a major factor. If you are planning to buy office space, then you might find it a massive one-time cost that has to be borne by your company. Instead, taking up space on lease is the best and quickest way to start off. Whether you buy or lease your space, you need to build it up and, that means, your budget must be able to handle both aspects.

The Air

Your organization’s values and principles are reflected by the way the interiors feel. There should be enough space for moving about and a lot of ventilation. Space gives everyone freedom to walk about, whether to other people’s desks or just to the other parts of the office. It also removes that sense of a constricted working environment that most offices suffer from.

An open space with a lot of light ensures that everyone’s minds stay fresh and a constructive mentality flows through the room. The location of the office is also important and if you haven’t picked one yet, then look for something that has, preferably, a nice view or big windows. The illusion of space that large windows create cannot be achieved in a closed office, even with wide-open spaces within.


In general, cubicles are about 8 x 8 feet in size. If you feel that there is a lot of space wastage, a minor modification to, say, 6 x 8 feet can create more space and still give employees enough room to work in. Every department needs to have its own space and individuality, which helps differentiate it from the rest. By partitioning the office space into smaller cubicles, you allow for more cubicles to be added in, as well as create more room in the aisles to separate sections of the office.


When you get an office space, you are likely to get an air conditioning system that also purifies the air. However, adding in plants always gives you that added air-cleaning device, one that also makes the office look good. Most offices have dull carpets or walls, with cubicles and pillars also built along the same parameters. Find some great locations to keep potted plants, big and small, and break up the monotony of the colours and give your office some freshness.

Setting up an office is something that most companies tend to look superficially at. To get the best out of any employee, creating an atmosphere conducive to work is of utmost importance. Whether you are a design firm, an investment bank or even an aged care home in Brisbane, you need to ensure that the environment encourages your employees to come in and give their best every single day.


Preston is an interior designer who specializes in space management for offices and homes around Brisbane. Having studied about the effects of energy and space efficiency and how the average office can do much more with they have, Preston went on a crusade to help organizations use their office space better. From creating space to improving their heating/cooling bills, Preston has helped many banks, small businesses and homes for aged care, in Brisbane, in their bid to attain maximum efficiency from their floor plans.


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One response to “How to Create a Great Office Space

  1. Marianne

    November 8, 2012 at 7:19 am

    Totally agree to have plants in – they look good and purify the air and I think are good for the soul, seeing a bit of greenery.


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