Keeping Your Office Clean

17 Mar

The workplace is a common breeding ground for illness. Often enough, when one person falls sick, the disease makes its way across the office, making almost everyone else sick, one after the other. It’s important at times like these to remember that the health and safety of employees at work is the responsibility of the employers.

For example, professional cleaning services, provide expert service in office cleaning that not only leave the space visibly clean but also disinfect and provide protection against harmful viruses and bacteria. Services like these are commonly employed for general upkeep of space, be it office or personal. It makes things more convenient as they employ individuals with the required specialisation for the job. They use the right equipment and know how to clean and sanitise without causing the damage that an amateur attempt might.

Your local cleaning service for instance, will have a network of local employees who work in teams. They will come with the expertise of being able to offer advice and guidance about what their clients require. Furthermore, you will find that their services will span the range of cleaning offices, homes, hotels, pubs, clubs and even specialised high pressure cleaning for outdoor areas like car parks, refuse areas, walkways, drives,  gutters and so on. They even offer window cleaning, recycling and waste management services.
Accessing Staff
Most cleaning services staff are trained beforehand at their Health and Safety Department. Before employing one it’s important to check if they have training in basic Health and Safety but also in the more specialised aspects of Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), Electric and Manual handling and Risk Assessment, among others.

Eco-friendly Materials
For the eco-friendly, cleaning services also provide services where the products and equipment used are all environmently-friendly.
It pays to invest in employing a cleaning service for work as that’s an investment in a usable, clean office space. Ultimately what matters is a hygienic, bacteria-free office, because that means lower illnesses and better productivity.

The fact that you are able to arrange an appropriate time with the company in question to pay you a visit at a time that suits you best. If you prefer as many companies do now a days, that their grounds are cleaned in the morning before the staff arrive in the morning or in the evening after staff have left the office for the day.

Making use of professional cleaning services means you can relax, knowing that the cleanliness and hygiene in your office is in safe hands, leaving you to take care of the more important things.

Priyanka Zaveri is an online marketer and SEO consultant. Priyanka  writes for many online publications, as well as developing content and articles for a variety of well-established websites. Her latest project is writing informative articles on the subject of business cleaning services for the reputable online agency Q7 Cleaning.


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3 responses to “Keeping Your Office Clean

  1. intuitiveone

    March 17, 2012 at 10:02 am

    Try working in a pharmacy. It takes cleaning to a whole new level.

  2. Jules Thomas

    March 17, 2012 at 11:32 am

    We fully agree, a clean office can save a business thousands, just by saving the huge sick bill payout. Thanks for sharing


  3. Karl Fischer

    March 31, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Interesting article. I would like to add in though that far too many times I see people in charge of facility maintenance neglect carpet cleaning. Having that service performed on a regular schedule is paramount to improving indoor air quality. Furthermore, it often escapes people’s notice that anything, and I really do mean anything, that can be walked upon outside will get tracked in and deposited onto the face yarns of commercial carpeting inside. That means fecal matter, pesticides, herbicides, sputum, etc. Often times there is a far higher bacterial count in carpeting than on the average public toilet… One of the trends emerging in the last ten years has seen companies switching their floor covering choices from carpeting to hard surface materials such as ceramic tile or hardwood products. This doesn’t solve the issue however if the cleaning and maintenance services were and still are lacking….


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