Use the Latest Marketing Techniques

26 Mar

More and more businesses are moving online, but that doesn’t mean that they do their marketing online.  Banner advertisements and even email marketing are quite difficult to get results from, as more and more Internet users are filtering their email to ignore marketing messages, and becoming “ad blind”. Flashy banners, cunningly worded slogans, and even in-text links are easily ignored.

Modern marketers are finding better results from slightly more traditional communication methods such as voice broadcasting and SMS marketing.

How does SMS Marketing Work?

SMS marketing is a form of opt-in marketing where you send text messages to people that have indicated an interest in your product.  This sort of marketing works well for local businesses and for things where location isn’t an issue, such as pay-per-view sporting events.  Imagine you run a pizza shop.  You could build an SMS marketing database by asking people to text their favourite topping to a certain number in order to have a chance at winning a free pizza. Once you have that list, you can send text messages to those people to inform them of new special offers.  If you time your text message correctly, you could catch people as they’re coming out of work, hungry. They may well see your message and decide to pick up a pizza on the way home.

Voice Broadcasting, A Modern Twist

Voice broadcasting is a slightly more interactive feeling version of SMS marketing.  With voice broadcasting, you record a short marketing message, and can send it out to a list of phone numbers.  At the end of the message, if a live person has picked up the phone they can choose to be forwarded to your contact centre.  If it was an answer-phone that picked up the call, then the software will leave your contact details, so that the person that eventually hears the message will be able to call you if they’re interested.

Voice broadcasting allows you to deliver a much more detailed message than you could fit into a single SMS, however some people find voice messages more intrusive that simple SMS messages, so it’s best to experiment with different techniques to see what your customers respond best to.

Keeping People on Your List

Once you have built an opt-in marketing list, it’s important that you look after it, and nurture it carefully.  One way to instantly lose all of the goodwill you’ve built up would be to sell the list on to another company.

Resist the urge to send out lots of marketing messages in a short period of time.  Limit your messages to, at most, one a week.  Make sure that each message provides new information, and offers something to the customer – whether that’s notice of a special offer, or an exclusive discount.  If you don’t have anything to offer, don’t send a message.  Remember that your customer’s time is important to them, they won’t appreciate it if you waste it, and if you annoy them too many times, they may unsubscribe from your messages.

This post was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Collstream the voice broadcasting and SMS marketing experts. Photo: Christiano Betta


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