Why Computers Are Great Marketing Tools

15 Apr

Remember when you used to have to hand out business cards, post flyers, pay for billboards, ad space in the telephone book and local publications? Those days are all but dead and gone.

For some people, the computer is an intimidating piece of machinery that they don’t quite get the hang of. But for others, it’s a marketing tool beyond their wildest dreams. If you fall into the first category, it’s time to become a part of the second one, and watch your business boom and profits grow.

How Do I Begin?

Take your product, for instance, mosquito control devices. This is something that is very useful, and many people need. Now you just need to get the word out to those people that your product is the one they are looking for.

First, build a website. Hire a professional to get the most for your money. Sell your product online, put all the information you need about your product, or simply blog about uses for your product. If you are local, put a map to your place of business as well as all of your contact information.

Nobody flips through a phone book anymore or even asks their friends for recommendations when it comes to products and services. They simply use Facebook, search engines or other forms of online media to find what they are looking for. Computers are the perfect marketing tool because it’s so simple to compare products, prices and even find reviews of products.

Social Marketing

No doubt you’ve heard of Facebook and Twitter, but you haven’t the faintest idea what these sites do. Well, join them both because you’re about to become savvy.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social platforms that are useful for businesses. Updating pages daily with information about your product, gaining a fan base, and communicating with your clients can be a very useful way to drum up business as well as make improvements to your product or service.

YouTube is also another useful way to put yourself out there. Millions of people are on YouTube and you could make some videos of how to use your product, if it needs to be installed, troubleshooting the product, or simply talking about why your product is the best out there.

Don’t leave people in the dark about their mosquito control products; talk to them about it. Most people that don’t understand something turn to YouTube, so make yourself known on this site to ensure customers can connect with you on a personal level.

What Your Computer Can Do For You

Not only can the computer let prospective customers know what you are selling, where you are located and what your product does, you can offer targeted specials to clients, discounts, advice and comparisons to other products that may do what yours does.

Use the computer to market your product in a way you never could before. Ask people to review you on Yelp, write posts on your Facebook page and generally just become an Internet presence.

It’s hard for some people that have never gotten into technology to believe that the computer can really do all of the work for them. But it’s true and, even if you’re a beginner, it’s worth the time to try and figure it out. You’ll be hooked once you start seeing results.

This guest post was written by Mary, who writes on all things Internet related, whether you want to know how to market your mosquito control product or how to find the latest deals.


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