3 Online Marketing Strategies That Work

17 Apr

If you’re having trouble making an impact on the web, the problem might not be in your marketing tactics, the individual tricks and tips you’re putting to work to sell your products or services, but the overall strategy, the big picture and general direction and purpose of your marketing strategy. If you can’t seem to get more than a few hundred views on your Youtube videos, if you’re barely making enough to cover your web hosting fees at your eStore, or if your restaurant marketing campaign on the web is flopping, these three online marketing strategies have been proven to work:
1. Make Your Business the Right Choice
The truth is that people like to appear as if they’re doing the right thing, as if they care, but at the end of the day, they’re so busy looking after their own ends and needs that it’s actually quite difficult to spend all your extra time and money on charity, on raising awareness for important issues and helping make the world a better place.
This means that if you can offer an opportunity to make the “right” choice at no extra cost, many people will take it. If you donate ten percent of your profits to cancer research, for instance, you can make a difference and earn a lot of press for doing it. If you use organic materials or non-sweatshop production, you can make a real statement, as well. It’s easy to be cynical about such a marketing strategy, but in the end, you’re improving sales and improving the lives of others in the process.
2. Affiliate Marketing
Rewarding people for sharing your product or service with others, linking others to your website, linking them to your blog or loaning them your book, can be a big help in improving word of mouth.
In a broad sense, there are a few ways to do this. You can reward them financially, giving people a small percentage of your earnings, or you can offer other rewards like coupon codes for your eStore, or, as is the case with music, art and movies and so on, the credit of being the person who “broke” a cool artist or writer to their friends. In this latter case, it’s important to appeal specifically to influential bloggers and other people to make an impact.
3. Exclusivity
Sometimes, making your product or service more difficult to attain can actually make it more desired. There was a restaurant recently that took their almost-nonexistent marketing budget and decided to offer seats in the dining room exclusively to “members.” To be a member, all you had to do was know a member, but the seeming exclusivity of the restaurant had it becoming the hippest place in town in no time.
There are a lot of ways to create exclusivity, and the appearance of exclusivity which can be just as important. Valuing your art on Etsy at a higher price, offering massages only to a small client base, if you can get people to think that they have to be very special to be allowed what you’re offering, they will try to prove themselves to you rather than the other way around.

Percy is an accomplished online marketing expert and is rated among the best in the world. His web marketing strategies are famous for being cutting edge and daring to be different. Percy is a highly saught-after conference speaker and in his spare time enjoys swimming and running.


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