Can Your Small Business Compete with the Big Dogs?

23 Apr

There is a major difference between small businesses and big businesses, and it all comes down to number of employees. Some people think that small businesses are at a disadvantage because people are more likely to turn to the bigger name companies for their products or services, but this isn’t the case. Yes, people do tend to turn to larger companies, but they shouldn’t ignore small businesses, as they can actually give big brands a run for their money.

Small businesses have expertise.

Small businesses cannot afford a large team of people to do a job, so instead of hiring a slew of people with mediocre skills, they hire one or two with expert level skill. The level of expertise these people possess can outshine the team of individuals at a big name company.
Small businesses also don’t try and do it all. Instead, they stick to their niche and excel at it. Instead of being okay at a lot of things, they’re great at one or two things. This makes them more valuable to their customers.
Small businesses solve problems.

Small business owners have to be extremely involved in the company. They know their customers, they know their employees and they know exactly what their company is capable of doing. Since small business owners are so hands on, they know exactly how to solve the business problems their clients are experiencing. Instead of trying to sell them on products and services they don’t need, they give them exactly what they need to solve their problem.
Small businesses can shift quickly.

Since big brands have so many players involved, they cannot make changes without having to hold a ton of meetings and getting approval from multiple people. As a small business, the owner can make a decision in a heartbeat, and everybody will be on board.
When social media started taking over, small businesses were the first to jump on the bandwagon because they could simply get it done. Bigger brands had to wait for their marketing budget to be approved and altered to include social media as an option.
Smaller companies take chances.

Small companies are not afraid to take chances. They will try a marketing tactic out and won’t worry if it fails. They simply learn from the experience and move on. They’re also not afraid to pitch ideas to big companies. They figure that they have nothing to lose, and if they get the opportunity to work with a big company, it can do wonders for their business.
If you’re in the market for a product or service, don’t shy away from the smaller businesses in order to work with the big brands. Smaller companies have more to offer than you think, and they will dedicate themselves to you. Larger companies can be overwhelming to work with, and because they service so many people, you won’t be able to build a great customer/business relationship with them.

Andrew Malak is a business student at the University of Texas with a passion for writing. He is also passionate about proper grammar and never writes without the help of a grammar checker. He uses the software to catch mistakes and fix the tricky grammar rules he has forgotten.


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