Three Tips To Marketing your Small Business

02 May

Getting a small business up and running is never easy. You have plenty to consider already, between providing a supportive work environment for staff, providing group health benefits for family members and employees, keeping your company running on a day to day basis and representing yourself positively in the community. With all these factors at work, it can be difficult to overlook marketing yourself to the correct potential buyers, but with a comprehensive marketing strategy you’ll find the dedication pays out in spades.

Market Research

Conducting market research is an imperative part to becoming a successful marketer in your industry. Without this research, it can be challenging to know just who to market yourself to. By conducting research, either by yourself or through a hired market research firm, you will find out just who your potential buyers or investors may be, and how you can appeal to them specifically. This will help you draft a useful marketing strategy which targets the proper avenues to appeal to your customers.


Many companies are just coming to realize the massive benefits from sponsorship that can set their company apart from the rest. The trick to sponsorship is to ensure you’re sponsoring events and conferences which appeal directly to your potential clients. Don’t overlook those cold pitch emails right away, as some events offer a unique opportunity to provide advertisement for your business at a very low product cost. Handing out product in this way can be an excellent way to allow people to sample what you can offer at a low risk, and just may create some raving fans.

Be Present in the Community

Whether you decide to advertise on bus stops, radio or television channels, in the newspaper or in digital media, it should be your marketing objective to be on the tip of your community’s tongue. The intention of any marketer is to be the first business that comes to mind when people think of your field, and the best way to achieve this is through consistent and thorough community involvement and presence. Donate to local hospitals, get involved in local summer camps, sports teams, or partner with other companies to put on a family day in your area. Clients and customers will remember your name when it is attached to good deeds, especially if your business offers local families’ opportunities to grow that they may not have otherwise been afforded.

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