Find New Customers with Case Studies from Old Customers

19 May

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool.  If customers love a company, their praise and recommendations can drive business through the roof. If not, the company will often crash and burn.  But word of mouth isn’t completely out of a company’s hands.

You might have seen websites with case studies or glowing testimonials.  These are great examples of a business leveraging customer feedback to drive even more interest among new customers.  It can work for you, too, if you know how to do it.  Here are some helpful tips for using customer feedback to bring more business.

Ask for it.

If you’re not asking your customers to rate their experiences with you, you’re missing two great opportunities.  One is to serve them better, but the other is to collect positive feedback for your marketing strategy.

Send a customer survey after each project or transaction is complete.  Make the questions open-ended so you can get more detailed comments and maybe a few blurbs.  Call random customers from time to time to talk about how they feel about your business.  Or ask for testimonials from happy customers.  You know your customers will talk about you, so make sure they talk to you, as well.

Follow your customers’ paths.

Case studies start with a problem, work through the solution, and end with the effects of the solution.  If you want to use case studies in your marketing efforts, keep track of customers you’ve served in the past.

You already know the problem and solution, but you need your customer to tell you what happened afterward.  For instance, if you run a rodent control service, you can talk about the customer’s level of infestation, the tools and techniques you used to fix the problem, and how their homes or businesses fared as a result.  Case studies are a great way to show your customers how you can solve their problems, so use them to make your pitch.

Use the feedback generously.

Testimonials and case studies have long been used in marketing strategies, so continue the tradition by using them on every channel your business uses to promote itself.

Print ads and direct mail are much more powerful when they include customer feedback, so you can bet your online efforts will do just as well.  Add testimonials throughout your website, including your home page and key landing pages.  Devote entire pages to case studies.

Whenever you serve a new customer, write a short white paper and advertise it using email and social media.  Your customers’ praises can do more for your business than the best copy in the world, so use it every chance you can.

Get Your Customers Talking!

Your customers are your business’s best salespeople, so use their words wisely.  Include customer feedback in your marketing mix and turn word of mouth to your best advantage!

This guest post was written by Mary. Maryis an expert on the use of case studies and testimonials and likes blogging about how businesses like rodent control services can use them to find new customers.


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