Turbo-charge Your Event

13 Jun

Orchestrating large events is a cumbersome task that requires a number of skills. Often, individuals will attend large events with little thought to the work that was required in putting the event together. In the same way that a professional athlete performs complicated skills with little perceived difficulty from the viewer, event planners plan events that hide the work. Event planning requires logistical prowess, professional communication as well as stress and priority management. Planners can become overwhelmed with the importance of the event they are planning. Similar to a climber who makes the possibly fatal mistake of looking down, event planners must learn to focus on the individual components of the event and not it’s degree of importance. Events such as wedding and corporate meetings hold a great deal of importance to their respective parties and must be handled with care to ensure satisfaction. Fortunately there exist a number of tools for event planners to help them perform at a high level.

Events Management Software

Events management software is a fairly new form of software that provides a variety of tools for event planners to utilize in order to carry out their duties more proficiently. This type of software allows planners to keep track of logistical needs as well as scheduling and contact information. Depending upon the software developer, the software can also include more advanced features such as email composition tools and Web integration. A device which has provided additional solutions for event planners is the Smartphone.

Smartphones: Must Have for Event Planners

Smartphone’s are invaluable for event planners that must communicate professionally with other individuals while on the fly. These types of phones allow for contact management, scheduling as well as email composition all while operating remotely. Additionally, smartphones offer applications which can improve logistics and scheduling. These same applications offer integration with existing planning software and/or Web pages. This type of flexibility can prove invaluable given the mobile nature of the event planning process.

Event Planners Build Strong Networks

An underrated component of event planning is networking and the development of close working relationships. Frequently, event planners will work within the same group of vendors and services. It is vital that event planners strive to obtain excellent relationships with these groups as they are the backbone to their services. By generating good personal relationships, event planners garner several benefits that can prove invaluable in case of an emergency. Often times they will be quoted reduced prices if they promise repeat business. Additionally they can often get last minute projects completed provided they have a good rapport with the vendor.

While technology offers a variety of tools that work to help event planners perform their duties these tools are not a replacement for hard work and the development of good personal relationships. When planning any event, there will be incidents that can negatively impact the overall product. A good planner will recognize these issues and search out viable solutions that do not detract from the event.

+Nancy Goebel has her own blog, and frequently writes about living and entertainment. She is intrigued by technology that makes living and entertaining easier and more professional, in this case, events management software.


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