How To Make Your Business Card Work For You

14 Jun

Your business cards are one of the most effective ways that you can market yourself and keep your products in the sight of potential customers. Business cards are small to travel with you and you can give them out at networking events, when you meet new clients and even at weddings. Before you start making your business cards, there are a few things you need to know first: you need know how to utilise colour design to drive home your business ideals; the kinds of cards to go for and what printing services use.

Personalised and Generic Cards

You must fully understand the importance of your business card as a networking tool, and as such you need to always have too many rather than just enough cards when you go to events. Some people forget to bring their business cards to meetings which can look unprofessional, but if you have yours, it automatically puts you in a better light.  If you work within a large organisation and your colleagues are working as a team to reach the company’s target, it may be better to have business cards with one email address and phone number.

Utilising Colors for Effective Communications

Your ability to design and utilise good and proactive colors for your business cards will help promote your company and keep it at the forefront of potential new clients. The colors you use must be cool on the eyes, and they must not be too harsh and reflective of strong emotions. The card colours you also choose must promote the ideals and objectives of your business in the most positive way. Colours speak for themselves such as in China, the colour red carried a largely positive connotation and is associated with success and loyalty.

Printing Services and Card Types

There are various kinds of business cards printed for different businesses, and it is essential to outsource your business stationery services to a printing service who has expertise in this field. It is also important to get free samples from the printing company so you know the quality of the card and how it will look before you go ahead with the job.  Choose a card that has a weight of at least 300gsm and that has a matt laminate or a gloss finis which will protect the card.  You do not want to give out worn business cards because you did not want to pay more for your cards.

Australia has printing organisations throughout the country who offer competitive rates for business cards, web design and brochures. There are many printing Perth companies through the city, make sure you get the best deal for your organisation.


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