How to Keep them Coming Back: Maintain Customers through Email Marketing

21 Jun

Congratulations! You’ve successfully gotten a customer to access your site, browse through your products, and make an online purchase. Now that you’ve gained a new customer, be sure to maintain the relationship.

In everything from Amish furniture to trendy designer clothing, staying in contact with your customers via email is an important step in making sure they continue to buy your merchandise. Sending customers regular newsletters, PDF brochures, notifications of new products and especailly special offers is a sure way to make them buyers for life.

Keep them in the Loop

Customers love to hear new information about a product line they use. Expand on the favorites with info on a similar product. If you add new pieces to your line, be sure to tell your customers!

Also, be sure to notify customers of any decision to stop manufacturing specific pieces. Discontinuing items can be a touchy subject with customers. No matter how poorly a certain chair or dresser is selling, at least one person out there loves that product.

However, by letting customers in on your decision to withdraw the item, you can tone down potential frustration. You also give them a chance to stock up on the product before it goes away.

Make sure you advertise items similar to the one being discontinued so customers don’t go to your competitors to find comparable items in the future. Many companies also offer discounts on discontinued furniture, which is a good way to appease customers and entice them to buy.

Give them Incentive

While we’re on the subject of sales, make sure you inform your customers via email when you’re having a promotion. Everyone loves a good bargain, especially on a product as valuable as yours!

Some companies also offer customers loyalty incentives through email. For example, some stores send online coupons or promotional codes to their customers’ email accounts. Saving your customers money, even if it’s a small amount, is a proven method to keep them as customers.

Keep them Entertained

The average American can receive dozens of emails a day, so make sure your messages stand out! Give your emails an eye-catching subject line. If you’re releasing a new product, make sure “new!” appears in the subject. If you’re having a sale, put “10% off! Limited time only!” in the heading.

There should also be color and photographs in all your emails, so when customers open them, they don’t just gloss them over. When you develop a new brochure, make sure you send it to all your customers’ email accounts. Happy emailing!

Now that you’ve learned about emailing marketing, start messaging your customers. Whether you sell power tools, camping supplies or Amish Outlet Store furniture, email is an amazing advertising tool! Post bought to you by guest author Megan Hilands.


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